Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai

What is Laser Hair Reduction?

Since olden days plucking, threading, waxing have been used as hair removal methods of unwanted hair. However, these are temporary methods and the hair grows is back in a few days. Also, it causes rashes on the skin and cannot be used on sensitive areas.
Laser Hair Removal is a medical process of ridding the body of unwanted hair. Highly concentrated light from the laser is focused on the melanocytes, targeting them to transfer heat to the hair follicles. The melanocytes around the hair follicles absorb the light that then destroys the hair follicle, thus preventing hair growth (extended theory of selective photothermolysis). Each laser pulse takes less than a second and targets many hair follicles at a time. The laser hair equipment is adjusted according to the color and thickness of the hair, and the part of the body on which the hair is present. It can reduce the hair growth and can treat dark, coarse hair. The results of the treatment are more or less permanent (except for individuals suffering from hormonal disturbances, like PCOD).
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The Procedure

    • The area for hair reduction is cleaned.

  • Then with a shaver the hair on the area is shaved off

  • A numbing cream is then applied to the area

  • It should be repeated at an interval of 4-6 weeks and maximum result is usually achieved after 6-8 sessions.

Type of Laser Used

    • Lasers currently in use for hair removal include;

  • The Diode

  • Neodymium:yttrium–aluminum–garnet(Nd:YAG) lasers,

  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) devices.

Areas where Laser Hair Removal can be done

    • Upper Lips

  • Lower Face

  • Full hands and legs

  • Front & Back

  • Bikini Line and Breast

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

    • Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective procedure with lesser discomfort.

  • It has fewer side effects, as compared to other permanent hair removal techniques.

  • Sessions continue till the hair growth comes to a halt.

  • It has minimal or no downtime.

  • The procedure can be done on any part of the body.

Important points to consider

    • The number of sessions varies depending on the area of the skin, color of the skin and thickness of hair follicle that needs to be treated.

  • The side effects may include, itching, slight burning, redness, or a slight swelling around the treated area.

  • Post-laser effects last just a few days.

  • Laser hair removal is less effective on grey or white hair or in hirustism, PCOD, thyroid disorder.


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